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Degrassi Secrets

You know you have one...

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Degrassi Secret: You know you have one!


Welcome to Degrassi Secret! The first LiveJournal community for interests exclusively relating to the Canadian TV show Degrassi. We know you all love the show, now it's time to get personal! Make sure you follow the rules. Your secrets will be posted anonymously, and you IP address will not be logged.


o1. Post your secret in submission posts only.

o2. Please post anonymously, unless you really feel the need to tell everyone who you are ;).

o3. Please post a link to your secret in your comment, not a large picture.

o4. Secrets of any size will be posted, but if they are larger than 800x600 only the link will be posted.

o5. Degrassi Fans only. Bashing of secrets is not welcome, so please no hateful comments.